Etoile – Artwork Series 2

Before I went to the Silicon Valley Comic Con as Etoíle I did a dress rehearsal and photoshoot in my hallway. I really loved how everything turned out so I played with this college in PicsArt. This blog post is about my process and what I created.  The image below is the original shot, unedited.

If you want to read about my experience at the Silicon Valley Comic Con and how I made and prepared my Etoíle cosplay you can find it here.  The images below have been edited in PicsArt.

After I made some filter and color edits I decided to do some distortion.

I enjoy using the distorter editing option to change the features of my face. I was trying to create a wider nose and pull the eyes further apart. It looks creepy and more faun like. It reminds me of the faun in the Syfy channels tv show The Magicians.

I really like the purple/pink colors paired with the silver/golden colors. I love how the dots on my forehead created a pattern. The way the lines run down my chin gives a marionette doll. Over all this image was a success and it was fun to create.


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