Faun Artwork Series 1

I have been playing with changing my own physical features to look like mythical creatures. This round I attempted to create a Faun. The original shot is below.

You can see that I increased the size of the nose. I played around with the different filters.

Then of course I had to play with distortion.

I had a little too much fun playing with the distortion. It’s cool to look at them all together. The first one reminds me of a swamp creature. Reminding me of Pan’s Labrynth, I imagine hands with eyeballs in the middle of them reaching through the green hair. Then the middle one looks like siamese twins. The last one I really enjoyed doing because I created a whole new face.  I then used that face to create more abstract and fractical style artwork.

Then of course I enjoy playing with the collage features.


I did even more interesting edits with these shots but I will leave that for another post.

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