Samshine Troll Doll – Series 1

This was a Snapchat filter that I used in 2017. I wish I had saved more from this filter. Sadly, this is the only shot that I have. I really love the troll Sam series because I was born with a full head of hair that stuck up over my head, just like a troll doll. People would stop my mom on the street and ask her if she put jell in my hair to stick it up. My dad started calling me his little troll doll. That was my very first nickname. I was super excited to use this filter to create a true troll doll effect.


At this time I was wearing my amethyst necklace and dichroic pendant. You can read more about my glass work and gemstone work if you follow the links. This image was captured in 2017 when I had dyed my hair red for the 4th time. Although by this point my hair required 2 bottles versus the half a bottle portion that I required in 2010 when I had bob short hair. I used Manic Panic Vampire Red.

This April 2018 I finished the Merry Gentry Series my Laurel K. Hamilton. Since I’ve been reading books involving the Fae and other Fairy Folk my artistic eye has gravitated to recreating my face into a fae like being. This could explain my previous post with Etoile the Ram; Series 1, Series 2.

The magic filters that I used in the app PicsArt are Rose Golds, Undead, Rainbow, PopSketch, Moonlight, Nightcore, Pretty in Pink, Soul, Flare, & Haze.

Then of course I always enjoy distorting my images. This time I played with mirroring both sides of my face. It always amazes me how you can produce two very different images. Even the PicsArt filters paint different charecter stories for the images you’re seeing.

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