Troll Samshine Series 1

I have been attempted to create a troll from my photoshoots. I was finally able to achieve that with my most recent photoshoot which you can read more about here, Faun Artwork Series.

In some troll lore the trolls have duplicates of their sensory organs. That means multiple eyes, ears, noses..etc.  I tried to recreate this by doing a siamese twins effect. Then I created multiple sets of eyes.

I had to make some edits to the siamese twin effect. You can see the progression of those edits below. I was really happy with the final results.

Then I played with the different filters in PicsArt.

Lastly I played with making graphs.


Thanks for checking out some of my art and reading about my process. If you want to support my animal crossing passion in a material form you can find me on Patreon or Bonanza. If you would like support my glass work you can check out my website, Samshine Glass or Bonanza. If you are interest in expanding your Esoteric knowledge you can follow my blogs Samshine AstrologySamshine GemstoneSamshine Rainbow, and Samshine Tarot. Lastly, you can read my book reviews at Samshine Bookworm.


Author: Samshine

I am an Artist. @SamshineGlass I am an Astrologer. @SamshineAstrology I am a Gamer. @SamshineCrossing I am an Artist. @SamshineArt I am a Tarot Reader. @SamshineTarot I am a Gemstone Enthusiast. @SamshineGemstone I am an Energy Worker. @SamshineRainbow

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